Nedis cool zone deep fryer 2 x 3 litre 336500

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Nedis cool zone deep fryer 2 x 3 litre 336500

Oil Fryer

Capacity: 2x3 l | 3600 W | 90 °C | 190 °C

Enjoy your deep-fried snacks with this spacious Oil Fryer with stainless steel housing and removable lid. The 2x3-litre capacity makes this fryer perfect for a meal with the whole family.

With its 3600 Watt power, the oil fryer allows you to fry all different kinds of foods exactly the way you prefer. Easily set the temperature from 90 to 190°C.

The heating element is placed directly in the liquid frying fat. Therefore, the temperature sensor reacts much quicker than in a traditional deep-fryer. Your fries fry quickly and become extra crispy. The cool zone allows you to fry healthier and keep the oil fresh for a longer time.

You won’t be spending much time cleaning, since you can easily separate the different parts and put them in the dishwasher. (except the heating element)


• Ideal for the whole family thanks to its 2x3-litre capacity • Easily set the temperature from 90-190°C • Power and heating lights • The cool zone allows for healthier frying and keeps the oil fresh for a long time because it prevents residues on the bottom from burning • Cleaning is simple, since the loose parts can easily be removed and put in the dishwasher (except the heating element)