Midea Global Vaccum Cleaning S8+ Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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Midea Global Vacuum Cleaner Robotic S8+

S8+ Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

MIDEA ROBOTIC VACUUM CLEANER S8+ is equipped with an automatic self-emptying dust box, removing the daily task of dust box cleaning.
  • Automatic Dust Bin Emptying
    Automatic Dust Bin Emptying

    S8+ will self-empty its dust bin, storing up to 30 days worth of dust.

  • Vibration mopping
    Vibration mopping

    S8+ effectively cleans stubborn stains such as footprints and sticky residues with vibrating mop technology.

  • LDS navigation
    LDS navigation

    LDS navigation technology allows S8+ to map your home quickly and accurately, avoiding obstacles while carrying out efficient cleaning routes.


    Full specifications

     Cleaner Size (mm)

    • 350*350*97mm
    • Net Weight
    • Gross Weight
    • Navigation Type
      LDS Rotating Laser Navigation
    • Use Type
      Only Dry
    • Clean Type
      Side Brush+ Roll Brush
    • Power Control Type
      Machine Tuning/ App
    • Clean Mode
      Smart Cleaning, Room Cleaning, Zone Cleaning
    • APP Type
    • Connection
      2.4G WI-FI/ Bluetooth
    • Rating Voltage (V)
      14.4V Direct Current
    • Rating Frequency (Hz)
    • Rating Power (W)
    • Main Air Power (W)
    • Power Regulation
      4 Levels
    • Dust capacity
    • Water Tank Type
      Degerming Vibration Water Tank
    • Water Tank Capacity (L)
      Ordinary water tank: 0.2L; Vibrationelectrolysis water tank: 0.145L
    • Smart Speaker Function
    • Plug Standard
      CCC, VDE
    • Accessory
      Dust collection station, side brush, HEPA components, dust bag, rag, manual, quick guide, electrolytic vibration water tank, rag holder