ELECTROLUX Integrated fridge freezer - LNT3LF18S

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The 500 ColdSense Fridge Freezer quickly returns to the correct temperature after door opening and closing, thanks to precise electronic sensors. This helps to prevent temperature shocks and food spoilage, reducing food waste by up to 20%.*

Up to 20% less food waste compared to competitor product.*

ColdSense uses precise temperature sensors to quickly return the Fridge Freezer to the right temperature after door opening and closing. This helps to prevent temperature shocks and food spoilage, reducing food waste by up to 20%.*

*Based on internal test using an internal test method measuring out of quality food after 6 days storage compared to competitor product with similar electronic control.

Less freezer maintenance, with LowFrost

The integrated LowFrost system maintains your freezer's temperature to help prevent the build-up of frost. For better performance and less maintenance.

Precise food storage with Internal Electronic Control

Take command of the storage conditions of your food with Internal Electronic Control. The LED indicators conveniently show you the temperature, and the settings remove any guesswork.

Humidity Control for fresh greens

Enjoy delicious vegetables with our Humidity Control drawer. By managing the moisture in the air, it creates the best environment to store food. Closing the vents creates the ideal space for storing herbs and leafy greens, while opening the vents gives optimum storage.

Maintain perfect texture with FastFreeze

The FastFreeze system freezes fresh foods quickly so that vitamins, textures, flavours, and all healthy qualities are better preserved.