Electrolux Integrated 70/30 Fridge Freezer LNT7TF18S Frost Free

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  • Integrated fridge freezer LNT7TF18S

    TwinTech® No Frost prevents drying out

    TwinTech® No Frost intelligent dual-cooling system locks in hydration of ingredients. Superior to standard total No Frost, it independently cools fridge and freezer. Freezer does not build frost. Fridge keeps the right humidity resulting in 60% less food mass loss with TwinTech® No Frost.

    Consistently cool, with DynamicAir


    DynamicAir makes sure that the environment inside your fridge is kept at a stable temperature. It works by circulating cool air throughout, meaning that even when the door is opened, your food is protected from heating up.


    Setting at your fingertips. With Electronic dual touch control

    Thanks to the Electronic dual touch control you never have to second guess what’s going on inside your fridge. You can easily control various functions and set the precise settings for both the fridge and the freezer with just a touch.

    Make room for tall items with FlexiShelf

    With FlexiShelf, you can reorganise the interior of the fridge however you like. The movable, half-depth glass shelf can slide back, extend fully, or just halfway, to make room for taller items. The right flexibility for all storage needs.

    Electrolux - Integrated fridge freezer - LNT7TF18S

    Premium LED fridge lighting

    Enjoy excellent visibility with our fridge’s integrated LED lighting. The discreet, energy-efficient bulbs shine a bright light across the whole space. Consuming ten times less energy than standard lighting.

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