Siemens 8kg Front Loader 1400rpm iQ500 Washing Machine | WM14UT89GB

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Siemens 8kg Front Loader 1400rpm iQ500 Washing Machine 

Protects waterproof textiles - Outdoor programme

The outdoor programme is specifically designed for waterproof textiles, using intelligent spinning styles and optizied temperature gradients. The gentle wash cycle protects the sensitive water-impermeable membrane. When used with a waterproofing agent, the programme is highly suitable for all-weather, sports and outdoor clothing.

iQdrive with 10 year guarantee

Over time, conventional motors become worn from the mechanical friction of the carbon brushes; the brushless iQdrive motor is virtually free from wear. Siemens vouches for the durable quality of the motor in all iQ 800 and iQ 890 washing machines with a 10‑year warranty.


The innovative structure of the waveDrum with its unique wave shape and the asymmetrical paddles complement each other perfectly. For especially gentle treatment of your laundry.


voltMonitor for reliable information about current fluctuations.