Remington Hydraluxe Curling Wand CI89H1

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Product details

The HYDRAluxe 32mm Wand gives you beautiful, healthy looking, shiny curls without the worry of excessive heat damage. The Moisture Lock ceramic coated barrel helps to preserve the hair’s perfect balance of moisture, while the Hydracare temperature setting styles at the lower temperature of 185°c for healthy styling.

How to use


  • Before use, ensure the hair is clean, dry and tangle-free.
  • For extra protection use a heat protection spray.
  • Hairsprays contain flammable material - do not use while using this product.
  • Section the hair prior to styling. Style the lower layers first.
  • Use the styling glove to avoid any accidental burns.
1. Plug the product into the mains power supply.
2. When your wand is plugged in but not turned on the lock symbol B will come on to show that it is in standby mode.
3. Press and hold the on/off (C) button to switch on.          
4. Select the appropriate temperature for your hair type using the ""+"" and ""-"" temperature controls on the side of the product. Start styling on lower temperatures first.
5. The ""+"" button  will increase the temperature and the ""-"" button will decrease the temperature. Recommended Temperatures - Temperature Hair type 140°C - 160°C Thin / fine, damaged or bleached hair 180°C - 200°C Normal, healthy hair 200°C - 210°C Thick and difficult to style hair Caution: the hottest temperatures should only be used by experienced stylers.
6. The temperature display will flash until the selected temperature is reached.
7. Working on one section at a time, hold the handle with the barrel facing down and wrap a section of hair around the heated barrel.
8. Wait about 10 seconds for the curl to form.
9. Unwind the hair and release the curl.
10. Repeat this around the head to create as many curls as desired.
  • After use, press and hold the on/off (C) button to turn off then unplug the appliance.
  • Tip: let the curls cool before styling or brushing; this will help to prolong the curls. Hydracare Setting
  • The Hydracare setting gently styles the hair at a lower temperature for healthier styling.
  • To activate, press and hold ‘+’ for 2 seconds, this automatically selects the temperature at 185ºC for healthier styling. HC will appear on the screen. Temperature Lock Function
  • Set the desired temperature using the + and - buttons then lock the settings by pressing the ""-"" button for 2 seconds. The B symbol will appear on the temperature display.
  • To unlock the temperature setting, press and hold the ""-"" button for 2 seconds.