George Foreman 5 Portion Health Grill - Grey | 25041

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Prepare healthy brunches and delicious lunches with this George Foreman health grill. It can make up to 5 portions at once, so there’s plenty of space to whip up those morning-after bacon sandwiches for you and your friends. This model has a handy floating hinge design too, meaning it opens extra wide to fit a range of foods – from chicken fillets to juicy steaks. Plus, thanks to the sloping design, any fat will easily slide away. This takes it away from your ingredients and collects it in a special drip tray. Because the non-stick surface is also grease-resistant, it’s super-easy to clean and you’ll never be left scrubbing. When you’re done, just store it on its side for a sleek addition to your kitchen worktop.

Key Features

  • Make 5 portions at once
  • Clever hinge opens wide to let you cook a range of food
  • Sloping design - fat easily slides away
  • Grease-resistant, non-stick cooking surface
  • Can be stored vertically