CECOTEC Ready Warm 8400 Bladeless Connected - 053716

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The heater is highly powerful due to its 1500 W, capable of heating rooms in a small amount of time. Its Bladeless technology allows for a great heat distribution and ensures increased safety during operation. On top of that, it is silent and easy to clean. Easy control thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity that allows using the device from your smartphone. Also operated through remote control and touch panel. Its LED display shows the room temperature and the rest of available functions. It includes 3 operating modes: Fan, Low (reduce consumption to 750 W) and High (maximum consumption of 1500 W). It oscillates up to 60º, distributing heat evenly across the whole room. It feature a 12-hour timer, which allows setting the desired operating time. The LED display will show the selected settings.

Other Information
  • Product Type: Cecotec Readywarm 8400 Bladeless Connect
  • Auto shut-off in case of tipping over
  • Protection against overheating and no blades