Cecotec Power Moca Spume 5000 milk Frother 01518

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  • 650 W milk frother for perfect frothing.
  • Chocco-made: preparation of hot chocolate.
  • Four modes of operation: hot froth, cold froth, heat and hot chocolate mode.
  • Dishwasher safe stainless steel jug.
  • Cordless jug for easy handling and operation.
  • It admits frothing in all types of milk: normal, steamed, cold, lactose-free ...
  • Detachable accessories to fit all functions.
  • Includes specific accessory to prepare melted chocolate.
  • 200 ml capacity for the frothing function and 400 ml for the heating function.
  • Indicator of maximum and minimum capacity in relief.
  • It changes function by keeping the button pressed for different seconds.
  • Auto-off: once its function is finished it turns off automatically.
  • 360º non-slip base.
  • BPA-free.