Bathroom Scale Surface Precision 9450 Full Healthy Cecote

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Bathroom Scale Surface Precision 9450 Full Healthy Cecote

High precision intelligent digital bathroom electric bioimpedance scale. With high security tempered glass platform with inverted LCD screen and maximum capacity of 180 kg. Ready to use. 

Technical characteristics:

  • 300 x 300 mm large surface digital bathroom scale.
  • Wide measuring range from 5kg (11lb) to 180kg (400lb) with 100g (0.2lb) graduation for increased reliability.
  • FourPrecision: high measurement precision thanks to its four sensors.
  • TenBIA: Bioelectrical Impedance (BIA) measurement method with a complete body analysis, with precise measurement of 10 parameters: weight, body fat, body mass index, muscle mass, bone, body age, water, visceral fat, basal metabolism and Assessment of physical condition.
  • Color inversion screen for easy measurement visibility.
  • EasyUsability multifunction: auto-off and auto-on when standing on the scale. Low battery indicator when it is necessary to replace the batteries. Overload indicator when the weight is higher than the maximum.
  • UserClever: automatic identification of up to 10 users based on the records obtained.
  • SafeGrip: four silicone feet that facilitate grip on the ground and provide great security.
  • Easy reading of the results on its 74 x 38 mm LCD screen with values in kilos and pounds.
  • Extra-thin high security black tempered glass platform with high-quality stainless steel electrodes.
  • Includes measuring tape to help control volumetric evolution and batteries.