Siemens iQ500 8kg Freestanding Washing Machine | WM14T488GB

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iSensoric Washing Machine with iQDrive for highly effective and efficient laundry care with large easy-to read display. Outdoor programme for gentle cleaning of outdoor textiles, iQdrive motor Intelligent, quiet, and durable with warranty. Sensor-controlled wash programmes for the most efficient water usage with any load size - thanks to the water management system. waveDrum for highly effective and extremely gentle laundry care.


Over time, conventional motors become worn from the mechanical friction of the carbon brushes; the brushless iQdrive motor is virtually free from wear. Siemens vouches for the durable quality of the motor in all iQ 800 and iQ 890 washing machines.

Maximum Water Efficiency Thanks to Precise Load Detection waterPerfect Plus

The clever sensor system of the smart waterPerfect Plus water management system ensures maximum water efficiency. It detects not only the type of fabric, but also the load size precisely in 256 increments. Depending on these two factors, the appliance determines the required amount of water - automatically and precisely. As a result, waterPerfect Plus always achieves a perfect wash result for every wash cycle with optimum water consumption.

For Especially Gentle Treatment of your Laundry waveDrum

The innovative structure of the waveDrum with its unique wave shape and the asymmetrical paddles complement each other perfectly. For especially gentle treatment of your laundry.

The 30-minute Washing Programme Quick Wash 30

The 30-minute quick-wash programme for small loads of lightly soiled laundry shortens the programme sequence in the main wash during rinsing and spinning. Ideal for athletes who have to wash their sports clothing again and again even though they’re only lightly soiled.

Product Features:
  • Skip spin
  • Foam control
  • Metal door catch
  • Magnet door lock
  • Cold wash option
  • Digital LED display
  • End of cycle buzzer
  • Slide-under installation
  • Multiple water protection
  • Digital countdown indicator
  • Detergent over dosage display